What we think about Quality, Environment, Health & Safety?

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We follow "always close to the Clients” principle and offer our Partners time and support.

We consistently build our partners' trust as a reliable company, where quality means meeting needs and going far beyond the expectations.

Recognising that the life, health and safety of our staff and guests, as well as the natural environment, have great importance, Exact Systems management takes responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment, at the same time makes every effort to ensure appropriate conditions for the protection of life and health of all persons on the premises of the company. We also constantly look for new solutions to minimise the adverse effects on the environment resulting from the company's operations. Exact Systems' Integrated Management System Policy creates a framework to determine quality, occupational health and safety and environmental goals as well as for the responsibility for their implementation at every level of management.

The company's management pledge to meet the quality, health, safety and environmental protection requirements by:

  • Improving all forms of technical, organisational and economic activities.
  • Maintaining the leading position in the domestic market of quality control services, expanding the range of services offered.
  • Expanding the market for quality control solutions by stimulating industries so far closed to this type of service.
  • Exceeding Clients’ expectations by offering comprehensive solutions that guarantee security at every level of the supply chain.
  • Increasing the level of our Partners’ satisfaction.
  • Cooperating with the largest global concerns in the automotive industry as well as producers of home appliances and consumer electronics.
  • Further development of own ICT systems and an increase in the use of external ICT systems, which have a direct impact on creating the competitive advantage and internal processes’ upgrading.
  • Raising qualifications and awareness of quality, ecology and OHS among our employees.
  • Continuous improvement of health and safety activities, environmental protection as well as constant monitoring to prevent potential accidents, dangers and occupational illnesses.
  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources and preventing pollution.
  • Increasing efforts to meet legal regulations and other requirements related to quality, health and safety and environmental protection in our area of business.
  • Providing the necessary resources for the implementation of the Exact Systems' Integrated Management System Policy: Quality, Environment, Health & Safety.