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The Exact Systems S.A. automates its business processes and launches the Extranet360, an advanced business communication platform for its clients. From the beginning of 2019, the representatives of the automotive plants that use the services rendered by a quality controller, will be able to place new orders, monitor a status of the current order or generate reports by means of this new tool. An implementation covers Poland and the foreign companies of the Exact Systems S.A.

Exact Systems is a Polish company that conducts the quality controls in 12 countries, inter alia, in Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, and China. Each day it executes the orders for more than 700 automotive plants, including the manufacturers of the passenger cars, heavy goods vehicles and components – This scale of operations requires to replace traditional tools for communication with a client by the innovative solutions adopted to the contemporary world. A traditional manner of accepting orders and reporting based on exchanging e-mails and the Excel has constituted a standard in our industry. We have decided to make use of the digital transformation as an opportunity to eliminate the barriers met by our clients that use the existing solutions, and modify their experiences. By the Extranet360 we automate the business processes and we enable to interact in a quicker and more convenient mannersays Paweł Gos, President of the Management Board of the Exact Systems S.A.

Exact Systems is an example of the company that responds to the changing expectations not only its employees and job candidates (Quality School, recruitment platform), but also its clients. The Extranet360 is an advanced platform of business communication, an access to which will be gradually gained by all clients of the Exact Systems from the beginning of 2019. At this moment, a pilotage programme is being carried out. Apart from Poland, the implementation will also include the other companies belonging to the Group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Russia, China, Turkey, Great Britain). Next year, the company plans to implement a mobile application, too.

Extranet360 – everything’s under control

The Extranet360 is a web application by means of which the clients of the Exact Systems may commission services and review summary reports related to the services commissioned by them. The representatives of the manufacturing plants will have a possibility to specify the detailed requirements for the concerned order, develop an order specification in the special creator, monitor a work progress on the current basis, generate summaries, filter data according to a wide range of the parameters, acquire information about a quantity and types of the defective components. Furthermore, during an entire process of placing an order, a client and all interested parties receive the e-mail notifications, which at the same time are visible in the system. On the other hand, the system allows for generating agreements, creating payrolls and exporting this data to the corporate HR programmes or for the purposes of the control.

In contrast to a previous variant of the B2B platform, the Extranet360 offers a possibility of generating orders and providing a cost monitoring to the employees and clients of the Exact Systems S.A. The option of filtering the reports in the system has been significantly enhanced, too. – A change of the system has resulted from a need for better mapping and a transfer of a part of the processes carried out in our organisation to the IT system, and a need to automate certain operations. We have been also very particular about an even extended interaction with our clients and to make available to our clients a tool, which will allow them for a problem-free and simple access to the information necessary for them – says Arkadiusz Warmus, Director of Business Development Department in the Exact Systems S.A.

With the benefit for a client

A basic goal of the transformation of the client’s digital experience undertaken by the Exact Systems company constitutes a quick access and ease of use of the new solution, which will increase efficiency of the performed operations, both for the client, and the Exact Systems. What in particular do the clients gain? First of all, time. Thanks to the Extranet360 they have an access to the information about their orders placed each month from anywhere in the world at any time of day. Secondly, full analytics. They may generate reports, follow statistics. Thirdly, decisiveness. This tool offers an access to the invoices, realised projects and a progress related to them, as well as a cooperation scope, what has a direct impact on a quick decision-making.