Technologies as a Driving Force for the Automotive

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The producers in Europe are aware of the increasing role of new technologies in the automotive industry. About a fact that this is just a trend, which constitutes an opportunity for the better and better results of the automotive sector are convinced, inter alia, the Hungarians (71% of the respondents), the Germans (67%), as well as the British (50%) and the Poles (46%). First and foremost, the issue at stake is a production of the parts or components for the electric, plug-in hybrid and autonomous vehicles or the entire vehicles – as results from a “MotoBarometr 2018. Moods in the Automotive Industry” report developed by Exact Systems. However, the experts emphasise that technological innovations constitute not only an opportunity for development but also the potential threads. Faced with the changes pending for the automotive industry, the European respondents are most of all afraid of a decrease in sales and car production, as well as the costs of the investments linked to an implementation of the new technologies. 

It is worth underlining that development of the technologies is perceived as the greatest opportunity in respect of growth for the automotive industry in each of the surveyed countries, apart from Turkey, which is more interested in a production of a new model of the car. The most of technology optimists are present in Hungary (71%), Germany (68%) and Great Britain (50%.)

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