MotoBarometer 2019 - what future we can expect?

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Our study MotoBarometer2019 has been published and we are happy to share with you the results of the report!

Manufacturers are aware of the changes and their consequences - they are already preparing their plants for mass production of electric vehicles and are protecting themselves against no-deal Brexit. However, the results of our study show that these processes are not advanced.

We observe high interest in Ukrainian employees in Great Britain. 37% of representatives declared that they have already recruited employees from Ukraine, and every tenth declares such an intention in the future.

The respondents in Great Britain are technosceptical and consider the production of new car models as the biggest stimulus for growth.

The respondents in the UK stopped worrying about the deterioration of the economic and political environment (a decrease from 75% in 2018 to 0% today), which is probably due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations process and the economic stagnation caused by them.

The transformation of the automotive industry is an undoubted fact. Learn more on!