MotoBarometer 2019

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We are pleased to present the 4th edition of MotoBarometer in which we will introduce you to the current trends that are present in the automotive industry.

We have asked 654 automotive representatives about the current situation and future of the industry. Manufacturers are aware of the upcoming changes and their consequences - they are already preparing their plants for mass production of electric vehicles and are protecting themselves against no-deal Brexit. However, the results of our study show that these processes are not advanced.

The automotive industry is a substantial part of the UK economy with circa £80 billion turnover; the car industry within the UK employees close to 1 Million people directly or with jobs supported by the sector. The sector throughout 2019 has been in limbo due to the delay in Brexit negotiations and decisions. The MotoBarometer results of 2019 confirm the mixed feeling among the industry; with most confirming the effects of Brexit still to be concerning and will continue to be concerning until Brexit negotiations are complete and favourable trade deals are sanctioned.

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