Meet our #Extranet360 - the advanced communication platform for our Partners & Suppliers!

Member News

We have the pleasure to present our advanced communication platform #Extranet360. We spent last months converting 15 years of experience into an intuitive, practical tool that will make working with Exact Systems even easier! Thanks to our Extranet360 database our Partners can freely view and analyse the results of all the work done by Exact Systems’ employees 24/7/365. Benefits?

  • Full access to all orders live! 
  • Invoices based on data from summary statements.  
  • Full billing transparency.  
  • Detailed reports comparing the services provided along with the costs.  
  • An efficient invoicing process. 
  • Quick access to daily and final reports.
  • Full autonomy to retrieve data sets in a range of formats at your will.


Our Partners can control the quality of their products any time, any place. Contact us to learn how we can support your business!