Giving back is at the heart of our business - CSR in Exact Systems

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Exact Systems has been consistently implementing CSR policy since the very beginning. Corporate Social Responsibility is the philosophy underlying our everyday activities and plans for the future. The Exact Systems policy assumes supporting local, sports, cultural and social initiatives.

Our team is devoted to all organisations who want to change the world through scientific and cultural projects. Supporting culture, heritage and art as part of our CSR policy by organising exhibitions, musical meetings, festivals is an important factor for our company. We are committed to providing ongoing help to charities and causes that bring joy, knowledge and development to the local communities.

Through sport and education, we connect with local communities in a unique way. We take opportunities to support and make a huge impact on the future. We work together with coaches, teachers, universities and charities to innovate, to inspire and to push boundaries to make things happen.

Local communities are significant. We support a number of charities and community organisations worldwide to make a positive impact on the communities where we have our subsidiaries. We are especially interested in projects relating to children and young people, people with disabilities, lifelong learning, health and social development.