Exact Systems Recruitment Platform - a revolution in recruitment processes

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The Recruitment Platform Exact Systems is an online tool enabling the recruitment process for the position of a quality inspector to be carried out without the need for a physical presence in the recruitment office. The platform also allows the company to stay in touch with each quality inspector. Through the platform, quality controllers are offered different training and courses.

First of all, the user account is necessary to start the recruitment process for the Exact Systems Quality Inspector position and to continue using the resources of the recruitment platform. The candidate obtains access to the account with a login and password.

Secondly, online tests’ aim is to verify the personality traits required for the position of a quality inspector such as accuracy, conscientiousness, following instructions and procedures, good eyesight, repeatability of decisions. These traits are necessary to perform work in accordance with the standards of Exact Systems. The candidate must go through four tests, for example, the visual test and colour vision deficiency test.

Lastly, the Exact Systems recruiters call the candidates who have successfully passed the recruitment tests to present a detailed job offer.

The whole recruitment process takes approx. 15 mins and candidates do not need to even visit the recruitment office!