Exact Systems Group in the hands of managers.

Member News

31st of October is one of the most significant dates in the history of the Exact Systems Group. On that day, an agreement which states that Work Service sold all of its shares owned in Exact Systems to the current managers of the company, was finalised (leveraged buyout).

As a result of this transaction, Paweł Gos and Lesław Walaszczyk have gained a controlling stake in the company with almost 54.25% of shares and a fund, co-managed by Credit Value Investments (CVI), have become a minority shareholder with 45.75% of shares. The buyout means a full exit of Exact Systems from the Work Service Capital Group, which the company has been a member of since 2007.

The sale of all Exact Systems shares by Work Service is a consequence of the strategy for the future of Exact Systems agreed by both parties. Paweł Gos and Lesław Walaszczyk are co-founders and shareholders of Exact Systems. For over fourteen years, they have been implementing processes with a strategic goal to be the leader of quality control services in Europe. 

Now we can really take things into our own hands; we look forward to new market opportunities and challenges. We will continue to accept leaders from different countries and areas of expertise or certification who will contribute to the success story of our Group. It would not have been possible nor it will be without a team of several thousand people who have shown a full commitment and support for our businesses. Despite the difficult buyout process, our company has been dynamically developing all the time, breaking new records of controlled parts or the number of inspectors working in as many as twelve countries.” - said Paweł Gos and Lesław Walaszczyk.