Because a single control is not enough!

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Our internal Quality Department is the idea that makes are proud. We were the first in the industry to introduce a solution that can be called "the control over control process". It is a comprehensive toolkit, thanks to which on the one hand we constantly improve the level of our services, and on the other hand, we help our Partners achieve productive perfection by pointing out and eliminating errors in the processes that we control.

In our Quality Department, the specially appointed team of Engineers is responsible for the supervision of the services provided, both to end customers and suppliers.

  • The auditing and supervisory part includes testing process compliance with standards, internal quality control (we also check the quality of our employees' work) or supervision of complaints.
  • The operational part consists of consultancy and implementation services aimed at improving the production chain. It includes, among others, implementation of the 5S methodology or conducting specialised training for client's employees.

Knowledge and experience of Exact Systems specialists allow us to better understand the expectations of our clients and to adapt our services to their individual needs!