Automotive fight against coronavirus

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In mid-2019, we turned to representatives of the automotive industry with a request to present the moods prevailing in their environment, as well as forecasts for production and employment for 2020 that will affect the functioning of the plants. The MotoBarometer report presented the opinions of 654 industry representatives from 10 countries. Although the entire chapter of the study was devoted to the opportunities and threats of automotive development, none of the respondents, for obvious reasons, took into account the outbreak of a pandemic that is currently affecting almost the entire world.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic that causes COVID-19 has become a reality and has greatly affected the global economy. The automotive sector will undoubtedly suffer consequences. Vehicle production in Europe has practically froze. Almost all producers have suspended or plan to suspend the operational activities of their plants, in many cases without giving a resumption date. The entire industry is experiencing problems due to downtime or factory closures, and a broken supply chain.

The situation is dynamic, but the biggest players in the automotive industry do not give up and join the fight against coronavirus. The companies are adapting their lines to the production of specialized medical equipment. It involves sewing masks, production or assembly of respirators, as well as the use of 3D printers for the production of medical equipment components. Global brands such as Volkswagen, FCA, BMW, Tesla, Nissan and General Motors have been involved in the fight against the pandemic.

Recent weeks have not been easy for Exact Systems. We used this time to verify the reaction of individual factories to current events and listen to the changing needs and expectations regarding cooperation with our company. We remain in constant contact with all business partners with whom we have worked so far. In this difficult time, we do everything to help our clients achieve their goals, while ensuring the safety of our employees. Our staff equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, works strictly in accordance with the guidelines in the field of security principles. All this guarantees not only the safety of our customers who continue their operational activities using our services, but above all protects our staff.


Analysis of the needs of companies cooperating with us has shown that we decided to tailor our services to specific orders. To be a fully flexible company we have expanded our portfolio of services. Since 2004, the qualified staff of our capital group has been providing cleaning services for production plants. In the current situation, we go to a higher level and in addition to standard activities using professional equipment, specialised chemistry and cleaning products, we design and implement solutions in the field of processes and services related to raising safety standards.


Based on previous experience, in compliance with strict quality standards, we have expanded the service portfolio with activities aimed at minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection. For our clients - production plants of various industries, we provide services:

  • Professional measurement of employees' temperature
  • Audit of work stations and adaptation to current recommendations
  • Professional disinfection using specialized tools and means, including ozone generator, steam generator, disinfectant mats, uv lamps, specialized disinfectants


Exact Systems Group employees ranging from Quality Controllers, through Team Leaders, Coordinators, to senior specialist and managerial positions, from the first days of work are prepared to follow specific patterns and standards of conduct. Our experience is also useful now. The company's organisational culture, knowledge of procedures and strict compliance with them make the Exact Systems team able to meet these difficult challenges.

We have been supporting production plants for 16 years, often adapting our activities to the changing needs of customers. We also realize the need for a flexible approach today by adapting the scope of services provided that allow the optimal operation of production plants. All these thanks to the huge commitment of our Quality Controllers, Team Leaders and Coordinators. They are the greatest heroes of recent days.