Adient Supplier Performance Award for Exact Systems

Member News

The Adient Group, a worldwide leader in manufacturing automotive seating, has awarded its suppliers for a high level of achieving expectations in the cooperation. Adient grants distinctions for the pursuit of operational excellence and exceptional performance. Exact Systems has been appreciated for extraordinary fulfilment of the responsibilities, its proactivity and innovative initiatives thanks to which effectiveness of the cooperation is increased.

- The Supplier Performance Award 2018 title is for us a great motivation for us. It confirms the relevance of the business strategy that we have consequently implemented for many years. We gradually strengthen our position in Europe, entering into the new markets and winning the new customers. Due to the growing experience, we effectively complement a portfolio of our services with new competences and we implement new projects. This approach guarantees us a dynamic development and enables to meet the customers’ expectations, what is appreciated by them – says Paweł Gos, President of Exact Systems

The Adient company is a leader in automotive seating on a global scale. It manufactures its goods in 238 manufacturing and assembly plants located in 34 countries all around the world. Exact Systems commenced its cooperation with Adient 4 years ago, signing a global contract on quality control including 17 manufacturing plants in 17 countries.

 At the beginning of March, we signed a new, three-year contract with Adient, extending the spectrum of the cooperation to 11 countries and 45 locations of the manufacturing plants. A consolidation of the suppliers is a trend, which has been very visible in the automotive industry for a few years. The manufacturers are keenly interested in a limitation of a number of the sub-contractors, what one hand enables to optimise the costs, and on the other allows for improving the cooperation in the operative and communication area. – summarises Jacek Opala, Member of the Management Board of Exact Systems.

As a company, we are truly pleased with the Supplier Performance Award and we are proud of our team’s hard work and dedication in delivering extraordinary quality control solutions for our Partners.